Christ Church Ranchi(C.R.C.)
G.E.L. Church Tinsukia(N.E. Diocese)
G.E.L. Church Dibadih(N.W. Diocese)
Our Officials
Rt. Rev. Johan Dang

Moderator, G.E.L. Church

Rt. Rev. J.Sanga

Deputy Moderator, G.E.L. Church

Mr. Eliazer Topno

General Secretary, G.E.L. Church

Mr. Pradeep Kujur

Treasurer-cum-Finance Secretary, G.E.L. Church


Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chotanagpur and Assam, in short GEL Church was established on 2nd November, 1845 by four German Missionaries named Emil Schatz, Fredrik Batsch, Augustus Brandt and E. Theodore Janke(the ordained ministers with professional expertise in the field of education, theology and economy) sent by Rev. Fr. Johannes Evangelista Gossner of Berlin. They arrived at Ranchi and erected their tent in the present Bethesda campus. They started their ministry by preaching, teaching and healing the people of the locality and of the region, who then were subjected to extreme sufferings and various forms of exploitation at the hands of the dominant communities having infiltrated into the region from outside. The Missionaries preached and practiced the Gospel of Liberation in Jesus Christ the Saviour by employing different measures like establishing enlightening educational institutions, health-care centers and other social services as part of the liberating act of Jesus Christ affecting a process of emancipation and social transformation among the native hitherto exploited.

Initially the Missionaries were supposed to go to Burma to the Karens of Mergoi, but God intervened them to stay in Kolkata for some time. In the mean time they happened to encounter with labourers from Chotanagpur engaged in the streets of Kolkata which compelled them to think of these people-who had a pitiable life. God talked to the missionaries through the suffering of these people and it is at this point that the missionaries got the vision and commission from God to come and work among these people at home in order to help them to come out from their suffering and to realize the God’s liberating love for them. Finally the missionaries took the way to Chotnagpur in spite of the fact that different form of challenges waiting for them on their way.
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