Doctrinal Basis

The G.E.L. Church receives and holds the Canonical Scriptures of the Old And the New Testaments as the inspired word of God, and as the only infallible rule and standard of faith and practice according to which all doctrines and teachings are to be judged.

The G.E.L. Church accepts the three Ecumenical Creeds: namely Apostles, the Nicene and Athnasian, as important testimonials drawn from Holy Scriptures and rejects all errors which they condemn.

The G.E.L. Church receives and holds the unaltered Augsburg confession as correct exhibition of the faith and the doctrine of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, founded upon the Word of God, and acknowledges that all churches which sincerely hold and faithfully confess the Doctrines of the Augsburg Confession, to be entitled with the name “Evangelical Lutheran”.

The G.E.L Church recognizes the Apology of the Augsburg confession, the smalkald Articles, the Large and Smalkald Articles, the Large and Small Catechisms of Dr. Martin Luther and Formula of Concord, as being in harmony with the one and the same scriptural faith.
The full authority of the church belongs primarily and exclusively to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church, to be exercised, through the church which is His Body, collectively as the communion of believers in Christ as per the commision received from the Lord ( Joh 20:22-23, Mathew 28:18-20)
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Our Mission Statement:
To promote the moral values of Christian faith – Love, peace and Justice, transforming lives into the likeness of Christ. To empower the poor, marginalized and weaker sections of society without any kind of discrimination thereby extending our helping hands to last people of world.