Praise in High the Holy and Precious name of our redeemer - Lord Jesus Christ !!!

I extend a warm welcome to you, to our online platform for the delivery of our holistic services. This Website Development program has been conceptualized to bridge the communication gaps and enable the information of church easily accessible. The G.E.L. Church realizes the need to intervene the website development issue as an integral part of its developmental work. Heritage history and gradual process of church’s development are almost valuable to share. Our web resources will provide the updated church’s information at Diocese/Parish/Pastorate/Congregation level in systematic way.

The bible verse of Mark 16:15, says that “Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to all creation”. In context to this powerful verse, we recognize the importance of using technology as a vehicle to transform lives in a meaningful way and visualize the fulfillment of Evangelism, i.e. one of the five-fold ministry of G.E.L. church. offers a dynamic platform for the showcasing of the Church information to the believers, with a user friendly interface and glimpse on the Church’s structure, programmes, projects, activities and services. The fusion of Church Ministry and Information Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the most significant milestones in Church’s History.

Through this combination - Church and the ICT, We envisage an increased number of people can witness our Church’s services. We understand that information equals knowledge and that knowledge equals power. This dynamo will move our church toward brighter prospects. In today’s society, millions of people use online search engines to browse hundreds of web pages daily to access information. This website is momentous as it represents our presence on the World Wide Web as Church's entity exclusively.

The impacts of this I-Globalization can create an atmosphere of achieving excellence, which will reach to an individual, a community, a nation and world. Further, we are determined to shift to IT driven governance in areas of need, which could bring about prosperity and change in terms of positive outlook, administration stability and transparent financial management.

Feel free to navigate the platform of true worth which will excel our Christian faith and beliefs to grow and flourish.

Yours in HIS Service
(Rt. Rev. Johan Dang)


Ecumenical Studies - 1995

The Ecumenical Institute, Chateau de Bossey of the World Council of Churches

Bachelor of Divinity(B.D.) - 1988

Senate of Serampore

Bachelor of Theology(B. Th.) - 1983

Senate of Serampore

Intermediate of Arts(I.A.) - 1983

Ranchi University

H.S.C. Exam

Board of Secondry Education, Orissa - 1976

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