Message of General Secretary

Mrs. Sujaya Kujur

General Secretary, G.E.L. Church
We, at G.E.L.Church, strive  at becoming a vibrant and a very strong church in every respect. Our faith in the Lutheran Doctrines has survived many tests. The declaration  of Autonomy of the church on 10thJuly 1919 amid very crucial and testing times in the history of the church has been the first major event to show to the world that our roots are very strong and we stand on the solid rock i.e. Jesus Christ himself. As the days go by, we continue to grow reaching and preaching the message of love and salvation of our Lord and Savior to the people most unreached.

We do have great hopes from our youth and children who are pillars of the church of tomorrow.

Religious, social, cultural and economic amelioration of the people is our ultimate aim.
The church beacons one and all to bear witness to Lord Jesus Christ so that the entire world falls on its knees to adore and worship Him.
The full authority of the church belongs primarily and exclusively to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church, to be exercised, through the church which is His Body, collectively as the communion of believers in Christ as per the commision received from the Lord ( Joh 20:22-23, Mathew 28:18-20)
G.E.L. Church Campus, Main Road Ranchi
Office: 0651-23
GELC-IT-CELL - 9973142266
Our Mission Statement:
To promote the moral values of Christian faith – Love, peace and Justice, transforming lives into the likeness of Christ. To empower the poor, marginalized and weaker sections of society without any kind of discrimination thereby extending our helping hands to last people of world.