Digital program through church website and Church Facebook

Rev. C.S.A. Kerketta

Principal GTC/Ecclesiastical Secretary, G.E.L. Church
All the members of GELC and our Mission Partners (in Germany)

Subject : Digital program through church website and Church Facebook

Dear brothers and sisters
Johar and Yesusahay.

We are pleased to inform you all that the IT-Cell of our church is bringing out digital service for your convenience during this crisis time (COVID -19).

Hope we will connect you all and all the pastors.

Let you know that we discussed this concern with our Moderator  and Dept. of IT-Cell of GELC. Some instructions are as follows:

1. From tommorrow 26th March onward all the church people will listen/see motivational messages from the church leaders and others.

2. Tommorrow the Moderator GELC will address the people.

3. It will be available at GELC Facebook and GELC Website. Pls join it.

4.Since country is under locked down situation, pls follow the government order and law.

5. Each diocese specially bishops or Vice Presidents/concern authority are requested to convey this message to their pastors. Also, try to connect with them for counseling and encouragement.
The full authority of the church belongs primarily and exclusively to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church, to be exercised, through the church which is His Body, collectively as the communion of believers in Christ as per the commision received from the Lord ( Joh 20:22-23, Mathew 28:18-20)
G.E.L. Church Campus, Main Road Ranchi
Office: 0651-23
GELC-IT-CELL - 9973142266
Our Mission Statement:
To promote the moral values of Christian faith – Love, peace and Justice, transforming lives into the likeness of Christ. To empower the poor, marginalized and weaker sections of society without any kind of discrimination thereby extending our helping hands to last people of world.