Online Church Service/Sermons

5th April, Sunday 2020
Online Sunday Church Service | PALM SUNDAY | 5th April 2020 | Headquarters Congregation G.E.L. Church Ranchi
3rd  April, Friday  2020
"Assurance of God’s Favour"
Rev. Idan Topno, Lecturer GTC
2nd April, Thursday 2020
"Rest and Peace" Mt.11:28
Rev. C.A.B. Nag, Vice-President, N.W. Diocese
1st April,  Wednesday 2020
"God is our Refuge" Psalm 46
Rt. Rev.  Joseph Sanga
31th March, Tuesday 2020
"When we are in sorrow" John 14
Rt. Rev. N. Bhunyan , Bishop N.E. Diocese, Assam
30th March, Monday 2020
"Over Coming Depression"
Psalm 34

Rt. Rev.  Maurel Bilung, Bishop Madhaya Diocese, Khuntitoli
The full authority of the church belongs primarily and exclusively to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church, to be exercised, through the church which is His Body, collectively as the communion of believers in Christ as per the commision received from the Lord ( Joh 20:22-23, Mathew 28:18-20)
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To promote the moral values of Christian faith – Love, peace and Justice, transforming lives into the likeness of Christ. To empower the poor, marginalized and weaker sections of society without any kind of discrimination thereby extending our helping hands to last people of world.